Below you will find all the entries to the 2017 competition.
An inspired and beautiful collection of wearable pearl jewellery pieces from jewellers across Australia awaits below.
This year we also welcome our International Entrants to our competition.
We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we have. Of course they were even better in real life
and all pieces were on display at the Cygnet Bay Pearls Broome Boutique in Dampier Terrace.

Voting closed at 9am WST, Friday 22nd September 2017.

Please see the Terms and Conditions regarding prizes and eligibility.
Winners announced 10pm Saturday, 23rd September 2017

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Amanda Newton – MBM Jewellery Design

Essence by definition is the invariable nature of heart and object or thing.This pearl isn’t perfect on the outside. It has irregular shape, colour and lustre. Its natural curves and characteristics have been enhanced and highlighted by turning it into a ring. It has been made into something beautiful and precious. Enabling its inner essence and beauty to shine.

18ct Rose Gold and White Gold, no Rhodium plating. 22×1.2mm, 16 x 0.1mm owsi Round Brilliant Cut TW = 0.23ct  Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $5395


The Bay

Claire Townsend

Geographe Bay in South Western Australia

Fine Silver, Sterling Silver and Vitreous Enamel Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $1800


Captured Waves

Rachel Reilly – My Jewellers

The Rolling lines of the pearl and the design just grew from there

9ct Yellow Gold, Yellow Sapphire Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $2100


Wind and Water

Brendan Cunningham – Cunningham Jewellers

Peace and quiet

9ct Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, Diamonds 0.50ct GH/Si Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $6250



Monica Szwaja


24ct Gold, Fine Silver, Sterling Silver Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $4200$$g


My Treasured Pearl

Renee Blackwell – Renee Blackwell Designs

I was deeply inspired by the remarkable lustre of this Cygnet Bay Pearl, and wanted to highlight the aspect by combining silver and gold in a wave pattern. I wanted the pearl to dangle and dance to catch the eye and be the absolute centre of attention. The engraving came from the desire to combine an old world feel with a smooth, contemporary design.

18ct Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $3500


Beauty in Nature

Margo Carter

Self reflection during a cross road in life, the positive strength and soothing of nature on emotional wellbeing and growth.

Sterling Silver, Silk Cord Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $380



Gerrard Wollaston

Talisman draws inspiration from Aboriginal jewellery and stories. It tells of the land and the sea and reminds us that the two are bound together and how our journeys are woven through them. 

Waxed Cotton with Yellow Gold fittings, Black Iron bail with gold rainbow serpent motif Featuring a Cygnet Bay Keshi Pearl

rrp. $6400



Gerrard Wollaston

Taking the Australian native crepe Myrtle as its subject, the piece is about the passage of seed to fruit, and thoughts of fruition: The potential of ideas and their realisation. .

Gold, Shakudo Metal Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $9100



Erin Venville – Erin.K Jewellery Design

When this beautiful Baroque Pearl was presented to me I immediately connected with it and inspiration struck. Perseverance is a reflection on the Breastfeeding journey I have experienced with my 3 babies. The making of perseverance was a challenge on its own, with very little time available to work on it due to 2 toddlers and a baby, sleep deprivation and ironically a baby who is completely dependent on me for his feeding needs. I also decided to completely hand fabricate this piece and choose this to be my first ever gem setting job. Whilst it is not perfect it is a design I am quite proud of and very happy with. It will be a piece that I look back on and fondly remember this point in time.

Sterling Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold, Australian Sapphire, Garnet featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl


Coral South Sea Pearl Brooch/ Pendant

Christina Lim – Black Frangipani

I thought I was dreaming when I saw the coral reef in Maldives. It felt like I was going to through a magical forest under the sea. Beautiful, lush, colourful, peaceful, almost surreal. I was captivated by everything I saw and there was so much. This was an unforgettable first snorkelling experience. This coral brooch/pendant is my humble tribute to the beauty of the sea. The focus of the piece is a beautiful south sea pearl within in a coral. Three small blue sapphires were added to complement the piece. In keeping this piece as natural as possible, the coral is fabricated by hand, at my bench with a sheet of fine silver. Textures were added to emulate a real coral. No casting is involved. The coral brooch can be worn on its own or converted and worn as a pendant. Its an individualistic piece of jewellery.

.999 Fine Silver, Blue Sapphires Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $3600


Eager Embrace

Alister Yiap

Retaining its original beauty the clasping of the pearl in this ring remains protected, untouched and preserved.

925 Sterling Silver, 0.14ct Diamonds Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $1870



Paul Amey – Erotic Jewellery Co

Broome coastal region 

18ct Yellow Gold, Platinum, Diamonds Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $17860


The Perfect Storm

Angela Hampton – Hampton Fine Jewellery & Design

This hand made ring represents natures ability to create perfection in all its rawness.The pearl is beauty rising up against all adversity.

Silver Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $3200


Corals Catch

Angela Hampton – Hampton Fine Jewellery & Design

The coral reefs remind me of a garden tended by fish, corals catch highlights the treasures grown there.

9ct Rose Gold, White Gold Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $3600


Prism Layers

Yuki Mathwin

The structure of nacre reveals layers of microscopic hexagon platelets wrapped around a nucleus, forming the captivating iridescence of a pearl.

18ct Yellow Gold and Rose Gold, 0.01ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $3200


Luna Descent- Sunday Island at Dawn

Tim Peel – Silver Mist Studio

Inspired by the glorious and pristine environment form which this stunning pearl has emerged, Luna Descent is my imagining this beautiful place with a moon setting in the west and the first blush of a new dawn spreading its pink glow across the glistening tide line. 

9ct White Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold, 5=0.28ct Apricot Sapphires, 2=0.18ct Australian Sapphire Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl.

rrp. $3770


Outback to the Sea

Jim Goulton – Maleny Jewellers

A recent trip with my son to Arnhem Land, had me in awe of our vibrant outback but was glad to be home on the coast

9ct Rose Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold, 9ct White Gold, Sterling Silver, Topaz Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $2800


Choose Joy

Anita Jamieson – Anita’s Jewellery

Inspired by my strive in life to achieve balance and flow, freedom and beauty. “Find the joy and beauty in simplicity.”

18ct Yellow Gold/TDW: 25pts Diamonds, featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $5980



Carolyn Stevenson – Carella Jewellers

Flower petals enclosed around a pearl

18ct Rose Gold, 18ct White Gold, Purple Spinel, Diamond Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl.

rrp. $2300


Washed Ashore

Emily Webb 

Inspired by the natural formations of coral while incorporating the pearl.

Natural WA Gold Nugget, Sterling Silver Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $800


Gems of Land and Sea

Paul Haddy 

Below the Azure water of our Kimberley grows a gem as fine as one can be. 

18ct Yellow Gold,17ct Andamooka Opal Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl.

rrp. $ 29260


Kimberley Calling

Devan Job – North Metropolitan TAFE

The stunning Kimberley Coast, where the red dirt meets the ocean

Sterling Silver, Garnets Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $700



Fatemah Boroujeni 

Cherry blossoms, Keshi pearls always surprise me with interesting forms and shapes. I am looking for familiar shapes and this time found my beautiful blossoms .

Sterling Silver Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $ 900


Queen of Posiedons Realm

Samuel Farmer 

Mermaid Moon Goddess of Shark Bay

18ct Yellow Gold, 0.10ct Diamond F/G Vsi, Moonstone Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $6900



Anna Pesti – North Metropolitan TAFE

Inspired by the concept of mythical underwater city

Sterling Silver Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $1400



Sayeh Alizade – Sayeh Handmade Jewellery

Homa is inspired by my beloved childhood homeland bird in my mums house. I have combined Persian motifs with symbols of peace (pigeons) to creative innovative piece. The bird sings love peace and friendship amongst people of the world.

Sterling Silver, 9ct & 18ct Yellow Gold Featuring a Cygent Bay Pearl

rrp. $1920


Adarnis Wake

Jim Goulton – Maleny Jewellers

From our amazing and delicate barrier reef and what may happen if we damage it.

9ct Yellow Gold, Titanium, Amethyst, Silver, Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $3800


Pearl on Diamond Crescent

Mauricio Monteneg

A pearl emerge from pure water of the ocean whose beauty enchants the sky which reflects the pearls to become the full moon resting on a diamond.

9ct White Gold, Diamond Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl


People of the Pearl

Grant Craddock – Peri Fine Jewellery

Broome’s rich history and the people who have made it so.

Mother of Pearl Shell, Black Diamonds, 9ct Yellow Gold  Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $5500


The Travellers

Erin Pearce – Benjamin Ryan Jewellery

The traveller’s witnessed the “Staircase to the Moon” from the tip of the Kimberley Coastline as they travel this vast country in their truck “Ruby”

Sterling Silver, Ruby, 9ct Rose Gold Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $3950


Netted Lustre

Benjamin Ryan – Benjamin Ryan Jewellery

The nets that oysters hang in, while the pearls grow and an abstract view of the pink in the sunset

9ct White Gold, 9ct Rose Gold, Pink Sapphires Featuring a Cygnet Bay Pearl

rrp. $8650


The Reef Pecten Transformer Jewel

Alessio Boschi 

Our ” Pecten Shell ” creation is inspired by a particular bivalve clam on which nature’s bumps, positioned  over the radiating ribs, are substituted in our design by a Baroque and shaded silver-blue to white Keshi pearls between nuances of blue sapphires and diamonds  .The shell can be detached from its wearable ring shanks ( with its colourful gem encrusted coral brain pattern) and an hidden security system with a little Squid insured by a Sea Horse, allows the locking of a brooch devise, also engraved with a school of fish . The bivalve can be opened revealing micro chains, with smaller pearls amongst a myriad of sea creatures, allowing the jewel to be worn as a necklace . A true multifunctional transformer jewel and an homage to the pristine waters of Australia .

Blue Sapphires, White Diamonds, 18ct White Gold, Rose Gold, Shaded Orange Sapphires, Paraiba Tourmaline, Champagne Diamonds featuring Cygnet Bay Pearls

rrp. $61900