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Cygnet Bay Pearls is pleased to announce The Australian Pearl Jewellery Design Competition for 2017. We invite Australian and international designer jewellers to celebrate the iconic Australian South Sea Pearl.


The competition is based around these famous pearls and the talents of Australia’s designer Jewellers, Silver and Goldsmiths.
Since the Australian cultured pearling industry emerged in the late 1950’s Australia has consistently produced the best pearls in the
world. Unlike most other pearl producing molluscs, the Pinctada maxima produces only one pearl every 2 years. They are rare,
accounting for less than 1% of global pearl production, and valuable, making up around 20% of pearl production by value.

This competition brings Australian South Sea Pearls direct from Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, into the hands of those that make them
wearable. Transformed into beautiful, creative wearable pieces of art . We invite jewellers to amaze, to invigorate the way pearls
are seen and worn.


Supreme Winner: $5000 cash, 14mm Round A2+ $3152 plus $1000 Pallion voucher
Apprentice Winner: $2000 cash, 13mm Drop A1 $1327 plus $500 Pallion voucher
People’s Choice Winner: $3000 cash, plus $750 Pallion Voucher
We are offering a trip for two to Broome and Cygnet Bay Pearl farm for registering a vote. T&C’s apply. We will be working hard to create maximum digital media exposure to promote your jewellery designs leading up to and during the three weeks of voting
Handmade Winner: $2000 cash, 12-14mm Keshi pearl $2000
International Winner: $3000, 14mm Round A2+ $3152
We are inviting international jewellers to discover Australian pearls. This is a stand-alone category, and eligible for the people’s choice award.

JOIN US at Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm
For Three Unforgettable Days

Pearlers Master ClassThursday September 21st to Saturday 23rd
An industry first providing an amazing look / touch / participate experience in a never
before behind the scenes education into south sea cultured pearling.
Competiton Awards Night and Harvest PartySaturday September 23rd
Join Cygnet Bay staff and friends for our annual Harvest Party and
The Australian Pearl Jewellery Design Competition Awards Evening.



P: 08 9192 5402
E: sales@cygnetbaypearls.com.au
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